Sunday, March 18, 2012

Missing Kaysar

I am so sad today.  My cat Kaysar got out of our home last night and we haven't seen him since.  We spent the night searching the neighborhood for him and all morning speaking with our neighbors.  He has just vanished in thin air.  I'm trying to stay hopeful that he will make his way home, but it's hard to not imagine all the things that could happen.  He's an indoor cat, and we haven't been living in this area for a year yet, I hope he isn't lost somewhere.
Although I love both my cats equally, Kaysar felt like my companion, that he had chosen me to be his person.  The first time I saw him I was buying our other cat, Jinx, his food from a store that also housed Toronto rescue cats up for adoption.  At the time Kaysar went by the name Skye, and he just came right up to me and when I bent to pet him, he jumped into my arms.  It felt like fate that we were to take him home because he was already set for adoption with someone else, but when they found out  that he had been sick as a kitten, they decided against it.  He joined our family instead.
Lately I have felt as though I haven't given Kays the kind of attention that he is acustomed to having because I have been so focused on my daughter.  Quinn-Estelle is one now, is into everything and I sometimes feel spread thin.  Now I have a lot of guilt and regrets and I just wish I knew that he was okay and I wish he would just come home so I can shower him with love and just hold him.
Home just doesn't feel the same without him. 
The rooms feel empty without his presence.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Radiohead & My Madness

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Yesterday morning I spent an hour and a half fighting with a bogged down Internet site,
 until finally scoring presale tickets to Radiohead's June 16th concert in Toronto. 
A few days after my Tickets to Florence post, I had gotten word that Radiohead would be in Toronto, and knew that after about 15 years waiting...I really needed to see this band.
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Instead of taking my chances with Ticket Master and the general public ticket release (occurring today at noon)  I went directly to Radiohead's online store, W.A.S.T.E. uk
They had a presale release on tickets, that was slated for Thurs. March 8th, 10am...but actually happened closer to 10:25am.  This had to be the most frustrating experience ever.  The site was so backed up that it took me 20 minutes just to get the page to load.  When I eventually did get through, I selected my tickets entered my email, and promptly lost connection.  I was sure those tickets were gone.  
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Luckily, I had been also keeping tabs on a fan site forum, and people there were very helpful.  Many were saying that if you managed to get to the 'enter info' stage of the process, your tickets were likely saved in a purchase basket, and to keep hitting refresh on your computer. 
I was doubtful, because after an hour I kept getting 'sold out' when attempting to purchase.  I was a moment away from giving up, when out of the blue, they were there! 
I held my breath while entering all my info as carefully as possible, hit sumit...and low and behold, I received my ticket confirmation email.   I don't think I have ever worked so hard at getting concert tickets.    This was just bananas. 
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The most ridiculous part is that this is a general admission concert, so it's not like getting tickets on presale was going to give me any particular advantage.  Chances are, I would have gotten tickets regardless considering that the capicity of Downsview Park, where the concert is taking place, is somewhere around 25-30k...from what I've been told.  It came down to not wanting to take a risk going up against the general public.  Radiohead has apparently been selling out within an hour and a half, each venue of their 2012 tour. 
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I'm just so excited to have the opportunity to go see them!  With Radiohead in June, and Florence & the Machine in August...this summer is gearing up to be pretty monumental:) 

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