Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still Seeking Kaysar

It has now been just over 2 weeks, and our baby still hasn't been found.  A week ago, my husband is pretty sure he saw Kaysar sitting on a driveway near our house, while driving around the neighbourhood searching, but by the time he pulled the car over the cat had taken off.  Zach searched for hours with no other sightings.  My heart is still broken.  Nobody has seen our boy.  It is as if he vanished.
At this point I have canvased 500 homes in the neighbourhood, posting a note about Kaysar on doors. We have put up about 175 flyer's with Kaysar's picture and description, offering a reward.  I have gone online and posted ads on Craigslist, Kijiji, OXL, Humane Society.  I have posted with vets, animal hospitals, and the nearest animal shelters.  We visit them when we can.
So far, we have had two legitimate calls, but the sightings turned out not be Kaysar.  We have had a ton of prank calls and text messages...some really mean.  My husband has gotten "your cat is dead" messages.  I have even had a well meaning neighbourhood "animal communicator" call.  She claimed she would use telepathy to make contact with him, and that once she had she would use Reiki to calm him into staying put until we could find him.  I am a very open minded person, but she kept calling him a her, and did not require any personal item to assist her.  However, we could pay her if she helped narrow down the area and we could find him.  Oh boy.
At nights we search the neighbourhood with spotlights trying to find him. 
So far we have come across a few of these...
a lot of these...
and unfortunately...these!
I have truly appreciated all the support from those who have commented and offered their experiences.  We can use all the positive energy we can get.  Every day that goes by it gets harder to stay optimistic.  I refuse to give up hope that Kaysar will come home, even though it feels sometimes we may never find him. 


  1. Oh sweetness, I was going to message you yesterday, hoping you had found him by now. He will come home, he was meant for you and the fates saw to it when the other family turned him away. He is your animal and you his human. He will return. In any case, I'm still sending all my hugs and thoughts your way!

  2. Ohhhh,how I know what you are feeling each day, every hour. One of my kitties was missing for three months and still found a way to get back to us. I truly believe the reason for that was the fact that we never gave up hope. It gets harder each day to remain hopeful, but it is the ultimate energy you can send out so that Kaysar can find his way home. I am sending as much energy to you and kaysar as I can, please do not give up.

    Bright Blessings to all!

  3. Oh honey, my heart is with you. Shame on people for being so inhumane by sending pranks and ugly messages. I am so sorry you are having to deal with that in the midst of your pain. My wish is for his speedy return to your arms. Mina


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